Website Promo for Fitness Expo Vendors

So the Fitness Expo is just days away, and you’re going to be a vendor.

Have you been wondering… Is my website ready?

Here’s a short checklist, to make sure:

  • Is it up-to-date? Is the info current, and correct?
  • Is it mobile-ready? Nowadays, at least half of the people who visit your website will do so with their smartphone. Go ahead and look at your site right now… do you have to zoom in with your fingers, or does it fit the screen?
  • If people come to your place of business, is there a map? Can you touch it to instantly get directions on your smartphone?

If you can’t answer yes to most of these, read on.

And if you don’t have a website, and you’re hoping that Google or Yelp or YellowPages has the correct info, read on.

Good news – we probably have time to create a new website for you before the Expo.
In a minute I’ll show you a cool way to use your new website, but since  time is short,  here’s the basics:

You get a pretty nice single-page website…
That looks sharp on a smartphone
With current info…
Your logo…
A few of your photos…
A touch-ready map…

And with a contact form – which includes the cool part I talked about earlier.

(You’re hoping for a nice bump from being an expo vendor, right?
Are you planning to stay in touch with everyone you meet?
Have you been wondering about the best way to collect their info?)

Your contact form on your new website will also automatically add your new friends to your new email list.
You’ll be able to follow up with them really easily.
How much money do you suppose you’ll make?

You’ll be able to tell visitors at your Expo booth, “Just go to my website, scroll to the bottom, and fill out the form. I’ll be in touch with you next week.”

And I’ll help you do that.
With your input, we’ll send your new friends a warm note thanking them for stopping by your booth, and set the tone for a mutually beneficial relationship.
Later on, I can help you grow that list, and reach out to them again and again.

Sounds awesome, right?

A single-page site like this, that can stand alone for as long as you want, or be the stepping stone to something bigger, is usually $299 per year.
Because I think Monica is super-cool,
and because I like meeting her friends who are usually also pretty sharp,
it’s just $249 in advance of the Expo.

That’ll be $149 to get started, and $100 after the Expo.

Now, since we’re up against a deadline, you have undoubtedly figured out that this is first-come-first-served.
If you wait too long to call, and it looks like I can’t get your site done in time, I’ll be up-front about that.
(Although I can think of a couple shortcuts, if necessary.)

I’m Steve Oglesby, and I created my first website for someone like you over 20 years ago. I’m confident you and I can make your website a useful tool in your marketing strategy.

Let’s get started. Fill out the form below and I’ll call you ASAP.

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