Ryver Project Management

I’ll be sending you a link shortly to my project management tool, Ryver. Two things you should know:

First – you DO NOT have to use Ryver. Simply click the “Get Started” button and create an account and… that’s it. Even if you never log in again, you and I will be able to collaborate easily. I’ll use Ryver to keep up with our project (and a lot of others), and you’ll receive emails from instead of my personal email address. You don’t have to log in to respond, just click “reply” on the email.

However… you might want to give Ryver a try. It’s a really well-thought-out system. Their CEO, Pat Sullivan, was co-creator of ACT!, the best-selling contact manager that dominated that category for over 20 years and sold over 10 million copies. This time, he’s aiming for folks like you and me who just want to stay on top of their projects, with an easier-than-email way to collaborate. And the basic version, which is perfect for most small businesses, is FREE.

And of course, you can completely ignore this. 🙂 Email still works, but I’ve known some of my clients for years, and there are several email addresses y’all use… as well as text messages and Facebook Messenger.  I’m convinced that things will “fall through the cracks” a LOT less often if I have a little more purpose and structure in place, but you can just email me if you want. But please – I’d prefer

I have researched and experimented with a LOT of project management tools, and although I found a handful I liked, Ryver is the only one that doesn’t add to your workload in the interest of making my life easier. I’m going to be more productive, you’ll get faster, more consistent results, and at least one of us will be relying on email a LOT less. 🙂

If you want to give Ryver a try, I’ll be glad to give you a quick run-through. Better yet, look for the “request demo” link. They’ll spend quite a bit of time making sure you know how to use it – even the free version. I’m impressed, and I bet you will be, too.

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